Notre Lame?

September 5, 2007 · Filed Under The Fan 

From the Field:

Should we take this team seriously?  You bet your ass we should.  Am I the only one that is still worried?  Probably not.  Do I think we’ll win, absolutely.  Will I be there?  Nope.  Brother-in-law’s wedding.  I know.  Unbelievable.  But I’m at peace with that, now.  Back to the game. 

So now that the pessimistic part is over.  I think we could actually go undefeated.  I’m on record (I know there are others) that we actually have a shot.  If we get out of September (yes that includes a win over Michigan whom we haven’t beat since Clinton was president…on the road) we could have a chance.  The schedule still plays out in our favor and we could do this.  I’d love a trip in early January…that might make the miss of Notre Dame a little easier.

From the parking lot:

Life in the parking lot this weekend will be out of control.  Follow along with the’ers on the Lion Board.  Talk will be on Notre Dame, and memories will be fresh of their loss last week, along with the Michigan debacle, and oh by the way Bobby Bowden losing again.  JoePa is only two games behind the elder Bowden and is charging HARD.  I think the next two years could get JoePa back in the hunt for that record.  Pat Forde had a great article that showed three coaches Penn State fans have no love lost for go down.  The only thing that will make that weekend even more perfect is a perfect season.  I know it’s early, but why not us?

Until next time, S-T-A-T-E GO STATE!

“Believe deep down in your heart that you’re destined to do great things.”
-Joe Paterno


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