“You’re walking into the gates of Hell”

October 25, 2007 · Filed Under The Fan 

The Fan 

-  OSU Tackle Kirk Barton referencing Beaver Stadium

From the Field:

These are the ones you dream of.  These are the ones that cost the Pennsylvania economy millions of dollars in lost time.  Time spent daydreaming and websurfing.  Time spent on YouTube and on the cell with your buddies.  These are the games that give you chills, with just a simple thought about what the game might be like.

#1 Team in the nation
Fall chill in the air
8pm kickoff
An opponent who hasn’t lost a regular season game since WE last beat them.  At night.  Fall chill in the air.

Our boys will be ready, and our crowd will put this team on their shoulders and carry them to victory.  Beaver Stadium has become the most intimidating place to play a college football game under the glow of stadium lights in the country.  There are no competitors.  Our students are ready.  Our alumni are ready.  Our Blue Band is ready.  Our cheerleaders, mascot, drum major, concession vendors, ushers, scoreboard operators, bathroom cleaners, wheelchair pushers, hot dog sellers, first aid team in the lime green vests, and everyone else in that stadium are ready to prove that in 2005 against the Buckeyes we were just getting warmed up.

From the Parking Lot:

The beauty of the big game is evidenced by the lack of focus on virtually anything else in your life.  Here are some of the quotes that have been written by fellow tailgaters to me this week:

“A day of rain, drinking, shots, and fried food….I may have to bring some ol milluakee cause it dosent get any better than this!!!”

“I just rammed my head through the computer….” -after reading the quote in the title of this post

“Eh, that ought to get us through lunch!!” -reference to the 65 Jello shots in my refrigerator

I’ve also confirmed that this is a unprecedented week as I’ve gotten at least a dozen emails through the website asking me random questions about tailgating at PSU. The parking lot will be a carnival on saturday.  Colors and smells, people and pride.  All with one goal.  Becoming at least a factor in a game that means everything. 

To get you all in the mood, check out a couple of the videos from YouTube that I’ve condensed on a page at PennStateTailgate.com.  Oh, and prepare for the goosebumps!


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