Summer is DEAD to me

August 26, 2008 · Filed Under The Fan 

Every year it happens at some point.  I officially decide, in a very unscientific way, that summer is over.  Sometimes it happens in July, sometimes early August.  I held out a little longer this year, but it still always happens the same way.  It involves the Blue Band CD,  volume at about level 23, some curious glances from other drivers on the road, and some tears.  It happened this Friday.  In went the Blue Band, the tears started flowing and now, I’m officially ready for the season. 

Tailgating season is upon us, and the crew at is ready.  Loyal members of the Nittany Nation all over the country can relate.  I write this every year.  I tell everyone that will listen;  Saturday is our New Year’s Day. 

The Parking Lot will once again be our home.  Paradise IS a Parking Lot.


I continue to start every season with some optimism, and this year is no different.  I think we could be good.  I convince myself that we have a chance to be really good.  A lot of people are comparing this team to the 2005 group.  Quite a lofty comparison and one that I’ll take.  The only difference is that in 2005 no one was expecting anything from us and that provided our team with a chance to come in under the radar.  The fact that people make the effort to compare this team to that one makes me a little worrisome.  I won’t pretend to be the Xs and Os guy because I just don’t look at the game that way.  What I can do, is say that I think this team could go 10-2 this year and contend for a Big Ten title.  From an average fan’s perspective a lot of factors come into play to make that happen.  First, Joe needs to relinquish MORE control and let his assistants coach.  Second, we need A LOT of luck in October.  Not many teams will run the gauntlet that is our October schedule.  I think that’s where both of our losses come, but if we hold our own we may surprise some people. 

Many of our fans have only one game circled and that of course is Michigan.  DickRod and his new spread offense come to the Beav for homecoming and many think that we win the game.  I agree.   The emotions of Illinois at night in late September will also provide what’s become the most intimidating place to play in the country.  At night in Beaver Stadium.  

So my prediction is losses to Purdue and Ohio State and BCS berth.  Hey, a fan can start the season with optimism right?


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