What’s next?

September 11, 2007 · Filed Under The Fan 

From the Field:

What’s next for a team that is 2-0 and has its fan base thinking big things?  Disaster, if we aren’t careful.  We are being set up for a huge let down one of these weeks if we get complacent about preparation, focus, and reality.  Questions about the offense abound, and great expectations about this young defense are spreading a feeling of invincibility.  Truth be told, I’ve bought into it.  I think we could be REALLY, REALLY good if we do all the little things that Papa Joe preaches.  I and millions of PSU faithful hope that’s the case.

So what are the so called “experts” thinking.  Here’s samplings from around the media:

York Daily Record

Patriot News

Lancaster Online

From the Parking Lot:

Perhaps the best thing about big games is the tailgate.  You can never count on a hyped game living up to the hype.  The tailgates are somewhat more reliable.  As my few readers know, I missed this hyped tailgate for a wedding.  But all reports indicate that it was one for the ages.  Marathon washer games, inappropriately short intervals for the shot chair, and a large crowd filled to the brim with tailgate recipes to behold.  The Fan is looking forward to getting back in the groove with a tailgate this weekend with Buffalo and then the big one next weekend at Michigan.  When PennStateTailgate.com goes on the road to Ann Arbor (is a wh*re) only great times happen. 


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