Annoying? Me?

August 24, 2006 · Filed Under The Fan 

From the Parking Lot:

I’ll admit it.  I annoy people.  I’m not talking about everyday annoying (though I’m that sometimes too), I’m talking about being the guy who talks about only one thing to the point where it annoys people who aren’t interested.  All I talk about, starting in mid-August, is Penn State; and it drives people crazy.

Let’s start with my wife.  She loves Penn State, and she loves going to the games and tailgating, but I’m annoying her.  A conversation might go something like this:

Wife:  “What do you want for dinner next week?”
Me: “Only 8 days until the tailgate honey, I can’t think about food until then.”

Wife: “What are you and Evan watching?”
Me and Evan (he’s 2):  “We’re watching the Orange Bowl.  I still can’t believe the kid misses the field goals.”

It’s the same at work.  People ask “what are you doing this week or weekend?”, and you say “I’m getting ready for football season, of course.”  As if there were anything else more important in the middle of August.  It’s so annoying to them.

But then that all changes, when you talk to another fan.  They get it.  They know there is nothing else.  I talked to a friend this morning who was up until 2am on PSU message boards.  That’s dedication in my eyes.  Just plain weird in others eyes.  In fact, when you are dealing with true Penn State fans, you can actually annoy them if you talk about something else!  ”How’s work?”  “Oh I don’t know, I’ve been preoccupied with the FOS message boards…I think everything is still okay.” or “How’s the family?”  “If you are asking if they are ready for Penn State, then yeah, they’re spectacular.”

Annoyance, therefore, is in the eye of the annoyed.  I guess that question depends on whether or not you are a fan.

From the Field:

Now is also the time when everyone who knows you are a proud member of the NittanyNation asks “so whattya think this year?”  To which you are obligated to give a win/loss record.  So I’ll put in on the record much like my good friend over at “In the Huddle” always does and I’ll say 8-4.  I really hope I’m wrong (and I usually am when it comes to predicting) but that’s my best guess.  My gut tells me we lose to Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Wisconsin on the road and we’ll lose one heartbreaker at home to either Purdue, Northwestern, or (god-forbid) Michigan.  With a little luck and some stellar play in the trenches on both sides of the ball this could get two games better in no time. 

I think one thing I am counting on from this team is the emotion and heart you expect from a Paterno coached team.  I believe that those years of losing allowed everyone involved to gain a better perspective.  I don’t see any quit in this program, which will be extremely important with the roadtrips we have in September.  Even if we lose two games in September, which I predict we will, the season will hinge on knowing how to respond.  Let’s hope the team, the coaches, AND the fans all remember that when we are still looking to make a run toward another BCS Bowl.

Until next time, S-T-A-T-E Go State!

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  1. GloryofOldState on August 26th, 2006 1:41 pm

    I’m with you brother! I’m counting the seconds until PSU vs. Akron. The best time of the year has to be the fall and the best place on earth has to be Happy Valley on a football Saturday! Go State!

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