Blue-White Blue Skies?

April 18, 2007 · Filed Under The Fan 

From the Parking Lot:

Blue-White game weather is the stuff of legend.  Last year was nothing short of a monsoon.  Yet this weekend in April still remains a must attend event for the serious tailgater.  And that we are.In the hopes that I am not jinxing this, the weather this weekend looks great.  Let’s hope it stays that way, because with good weather comes the crowd of people that you haven’t seen in months.  The winter hibernation keeps many of us apart and when the weather cooperates it brings many of us back together where we belong…in the parking lot. Of course when many of us step back on campus, on our minds will be on the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech.  Most of us know VA Tech only as a regional recruiting rival, but the past few days have put a different face on our fellow fans, and tailgaters to the south.  The Hokies were to have played their annual spring football game this Saturday as well.  Tragedy has prevented that, and everyone at Penn State including the will have those that lost loved ones in their thoughts and prayers. 

It’s cliche to say that events like this shooting put everything in perspective, but it seems true in many ways.  Sports and tailgating will always offer those that participate an escape from the reality of the world.  It will also be a reminder of the optimism and sprit that this country is proud of.

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